Prince Georges' Park Residences

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SIZE (m2)

Architecture Design
Project Management
Contract Administration


Start: 1998
End: 2001

The site (7.2ha) chosen is in the more remote part of the campus; a heavily undulating and sloping terrain with lush greeneries and panoramic views of the distant sea and port. The brief is for a self-contained development with 2,850 single rooms for undergraduates and 200 studio apartments for married foreign postgraduate students. This is to be grouped into various Halls of 500 to 600 students population each.

The main focus is the main entrance and the Central Piazza. From a framed glass canopy, it draws ones' view into the piazza and the seaport beyond. It is intended to be the main activity hub and gathering space where bazaars, festive gatherings, cultural events, etc can take place. An internal pedestrian street is created to connect all the student Halls with easy access to the common facilities.

The NUS students hostel is a microcosm of the larger campus life and eventually of the larger society, and like that model, there is a need to provide for human interactions at different levels. There is a place for the individual, a place for a close group of friends and a place for community. Over and beyond, it strives through built-form to encourage chance meetings, gatherings and exchanges of ideas to eventually promote growth in thinking and maturity that is essential in the life of a varsity student.

The development is distinctive and often frequented by outside visitors. Since its completion, the new hostel has been well received by the local and oversea students, as well as visiting foreign educators.