Residential Hall at Northhill, NTU

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    Overall View

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    Aerial View

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Competition Design

The development of the proposed Residential Hall at North Hill precinct is an ambitious project that will result in the University providing a special residential experience for the university students in Singapore. The Residential Hall project will offer not only a variety of on-campus accommodation options but opportunities for residents and non-residents to live, study, learn and relax together in a 'village' environment.

The 4 Residential Hall Blocks are raised above the hilly terrain and seated on an elevated open deck. The new spaces above and below the deck extend seamlessly into the landscape. The Residential Hall Blocks contain all the student rooms housing the majority of residents. Apartments units which have larger footprint and different structural grids system are consolidated in a lower annex blocks to the main blocks. This arrangement allows varying level of access and privacy required.