Nuovo Executive Condominium

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    Nuovo Executive Condominium

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Chester Properties PL - Subsidiary of CDL

SIZE (m2)

Architecture Design
Project Management
Contract Administration


Start: 2001
End: 2004

The planning takes advantage and explore the potential of the elongated site.

3 identical tower blocks, of 17/18 storey in height, are strategically placed and well spaced out to achieve the desired effect and sales potential. On plan, the buildings appear like 3 butterflies fluttering lightly in the air. The blocks are angled to maximised views to the landscaped gardens and pools below and the surrounding townscape, thus enhancing the value of the units.

The creation of a large landscaped garden with different swim pools, water features and terraces offer a relaxing, welcoming environment for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors alike.

Carparking is kept below ground and out of sight. Every apartment unit has direct access to the carparking level.